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About Joint Family

Upon the history, it was an integral part of the Bengali culture that our near and dear ones from joint families used to live in close connection with their neighbours but today the Bengali families are, if noticed around, alienated from one another due to material issues. Now ‘self family mannerism’ has tied up everybody. We don’t feel the urge of knowing others even after living in the same house/building. Through the passage of time, we are growing so self-centred that we are endangering ourselves. As a result, society has reached the height of chaos. Thoughts of like where and what our best assets, children, are doing; where we may entrust them-shatter our night sleep. Merely speculations to get rid of that are not sufficient enough. Salvation from this curse is too urgent. Living together with co-ideologists in such a place where life is at all possible to be taken ahead through sharing mutual love among ourselves might be a pathway to that. Hence, ‘Joint Family Properties’ has taken an initiative to build houses modelled on nuclear family system buying plots in grouping system. Though the price of land and construction materials has gone beyond our reach, ideal residence under grouping system can easily be made up. . “Stand up, co-ideologists! Build castles of peace”

Joint Family Specialities

An opportunity to reside with people of the same ideology & familiar to over long time.


An offer to purchase a flat in a good location with little amount of money.


Joint Family A chance to involve yourself in the process of building construction.


You can keep your trust on us as the overall building construction are conducted under the care of plot shareholders.


Our President Message

Mostafizur Rahman is the visionary and founder of ‘Joint Family Properties ltd’ . His long involvements with the national mass media, his study of folk culture, research and solidarity have made him socially acceptable to others. He felt the urge to establish ‘Joint Family Properties ltd’ as he thought of doing something for the country and its people. One of our basic needs is accommodation and this has to be congenial and an abode of peace as well. This is what he has been researching over a long time. The institution was first originated from trying to bring back the tradition of Bengali culture by creating a place for living with like-minded people. The very fundamental aim of this institute is to purchase plots in groups and to build up our respective homes with joint effort. The concept being acceptable to all has earned popularity in short time.

Our Amazing Team

We are proud of our dedicated, loyal and hard-working staff.

Mostafijur Rahman Tuhin - Manging Director

Mizanur Rahman - Chairmen

Shahidul Islam - Head of Marketing

Mehedi Hasan - Marketing Officer

Our Members

Our members are from many well-reputed organisations of various sectors of the country.

Rahul Amin, School Teacher

‘Joint Family Properties' is blessing for middle class families. Here you can easily be the owner...

Shahidul Islam, Child Rights & protection Sepecialist, EDUCO

I have purchased a piece of land with Dream tower of Joint Family Properties which was my dream....