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Best Comments

Our delegates are those who the country feels proud of and their valuable views are the beacon of Joint Family Properties Ltd.

  • Lot of people are not happy with the neighbours of their flats/condos. People with different culture, economy and mentality live in a building as the owners of flats/condos- suffer with problems. One cannot change his/her neighbour. So, ultimately it create unhealthy situation. In order to overcome this, ‘Joint Family Properties’ idea is great! This is because it’s aims and objectives. Like-minded people normally understand each other and they live happily under common umbrella. Even, they can help each other like ‘a friend in need is a friend indeed’. I hope ‘Joint Family Properties’ project will make a difference in the arena of flat/condo concept in Bangladesh.

    Dr. Bidhan Chandra Das

    Professor, Rajshahi University