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Our Project Details

Swapono Choya (স্বপ্ন ছোঁয়া)

Type of Project : Residential

Location : Balia Pukur, Rajshahi.

Built Up Area : 7.5 Katha

Number of Floor : G + 9

Unit/Flat Each Floor : 04 Size : 950-1000 sf.

Share : 36

Project Details

Royal Palace

Type of Project: Residential

Built Up Area: 20 Katha

Number of Floor: B+G+9

Unit/Flat Each Floor: 08

Size: 1500-1550sft

Total Flat/Share: 72

Location: Beside Agrani School & Collage (Bhadra to Talaimari 100 Feet Road) Bhadra, Rajshahi. 

Rodela Tower

Type of Project: Residential

Built Up Area: 12 Katha

Number of Floor: B+G+10

Unit/Flat Each Floor: 05

Size: 1450

Share: 35

Location: Shalbagan Airport Road (Beside BGB Gate & Infront Rajshahi Wasa), Sopura, Rajshahi

Maya Kanon

Type of Project: Residential 

Built Up Area: 05 Katha 

Number of Floor: G+09 

Unit/Flat Each Floor: 02 

Size: 1450-1500sft 

Flat/ Share: 18 

Location: East of Terokhadia Road (Infront Stedium & Beside Terokhadia Housing Area

Recent Project

Royal Palace

Royal Palace

Type of Project: Residential...